IT Outsource
IT Consultation

From IT infrastructure enhancement to mobile computing and globalization. Our professional consultant will provide with the best IT solution to resolve your IT problems and improves your business performance.

Staying focus on your core business would be a key element of success. IT outsourcing will not only safe your time and cost but to enhance business excutives to retain control as well as free up more resources for expanding the business. It will also reduce risks without compromising searvice quality delivered to end users and clients.

Hardware Relocation
IT Audit

Headache with moving your IT hardware? We are the experts of IT equipment relocation. We can plan to fit your relocation project so that system downtime is minimal and can seemlessly resume servers, data and operstions to work as normal after moving.

Measuring the performance and tracking system status has always been a difficult but important task for business strategy and planning. Our IT Audit solutions not only provides compiled data on reports, we offers comprehensive capabilitiy analysis that explains the performance and audit results which easily helps you with your business future decisions.

Cross System Intergration
System Health Check

To ensure a healthy IT infrastructure is an essential element of business running at robust performance. Negligence of IP network maintenance or estimation of expansion on devices using the network could greatly harm the daily operation performance. Our professional consultant can provide an extensive network health check to analyze the health and performance of network and IT infrastructure in order to advice on how to maintain the system status.

As businesses emerging with more deploymnet on IT, it is very common for cross platform intergration. And now it goes even further that many different business sectors are demanding cross systems to merge. The most commonly know application would be the rising use of Internet Of Things. Our Cross System Intergration solution is a complete taylor made service from project planning and system desgin, to integration with existing existing infrastructure, testing and completion. Our integration services are supported by a robust network of major hardware and software suppliers that we carefully selected and assessed.

IP Surveillance Solution

Video surveillance has now become a key component of the safety and security procedures for many company and organization. It provides real-time monitoring of the environment, people, and assets, and provides a recorded archive for investigative purposes. The IP Surveillance Solution relies on an IP network infrastructure to link all components. The designs of a highly available hierarchical network have been proven and tested to allow applications to converge on an intelligent and resilient infrastructure.

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